Book Review — The Poisoner’s Ring

Book Review — The Poisoner’s Ring

The Poisoner’s Ring by Kelley Armstrong
BOOK 2 in A Rip Through Time Series

[[fiction. time travel. mystery. historical.]]

This was a great second novel! I still love the main characters. Their chemistry (pun intended) works really well and they both have their qualities that makes me want to know more about them and how they will end up.

I love the other characters in this one. They all have something happening and you get to see it and go along for their journey as well.

I liked seeing more of the Victorian world. I loved the mystery in this one. However there was nothing tying the mystery to the actual mystery of how she got there or what was happening from the first book. It almost could have been a stand alone in that sense.

I had figured out some of the answers to the mystery but not everything and I did enjoy the thrill near the end. The actual ending was very neatly tied up, but a little too rushed for me compared to how long it took to get there.m

The writing and storytelling overall though is so good for me.

I will be reading the in-between novella on my kindle until the next book comes out in March.

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