About Me

Hi and welcome!

I am Bethany, aka the Book Queen! I am a former middle school English teacher. Yep. Middle school. I know. It takes a certain breed. I am Puerto Rican and my husband is from Hawaii. I love traveling, but especially to any place that is like an island, a home away from home.

My goals are to start a pop up book shop (even on wheels!) and to then open an independent bookstore, both with an island vibe brought straight to you.

As an avid reader since the age of 4, my connection with books runs deep. I never went anywhere without bringing more knowledge home. Combined with my understanding of reading content and strategies from being a teacher, I have keen sense of what others would like to read.

One of my favorite things as a teacher was reading a book out loud, or recommending a book I read, and then seeing a face light up when the student also enjoyed it. My wish is to bring that joy to you as well!

And I really do make it that easy! Choose your box/subscription, choose your genre, choose your preferred items. Then I do the hard and time consuming work. So are you ready? Let’s get reading!