Book Review - To Catch a Storm

Book Review - To Catch a Storm

To Catch a Storm by (A Thriller) by Mindy Mejia

[[fiction. suspense. mystery. thriller.]]

This book had a GRIP ON ME! I literally could not put it down. I don’t even know why I attempted to space it out with a bookmark within arms at the beginning. I didn’t last long. By the time the third domino fell, I just kept reading. 

It is told from three different character viewpoints. I would usually hate this, but it was done well and actually helped develop the sense of urgency. I was also trying harder to piece things together because of this. Not in a way that made me confused, a way that made me more excited and thrilled by the mystery of it all. 

I loved the main two characters searching for something, Eve and Jonah. She never calls him that though, calling him by his last name instead, which was a tad confusing. Until knowing the last name was important. 

Max was a good addition to the story, but wasn’t actually necessary in my opinion. He was like an outlier that was an invisible string. He was only tied to Jonah though and he made me mad often. 

I’m so glad that this book had such realistic people as characters. 

For the plot: All I can say is that I didn’t see it coming. Connections and conversations pulled me in. Little breadcrumbs kept me searching.  And even when I had all the pieces, I still didn’t let them fit until it slammed into my face. So many twists and fast-paced turns.

I loved the mystery and the chase. I loved the intensity, the clues, the way it ended (which wasn’t necessarily happy, just fyi).

100% recommend. 


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