My Favorite Books from 2021

My Favorite Books from 2021

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Reading is my comfort, my go to when I am stressed. So I read a lot to escape the crazy of the outside world. 

When I was teaching at the beginning of 2021, I definitely was more focused on reading what my students were reading and professional development. But within the cracks I still fit in a book or two. 

Then summer hit and I was free to read to my heart's content.

So here is my list of 22 (well, really 23) of my favorites for the year! These all get 4 or 5 stars out of 5 for me and are not in any particular order:

  1. Little Fires Everywhere
  2. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From
  3. The Fountains of Silence
  4. Everything I Never Told you
  5. Out of the Easy
  6. Things That Grow
  7. Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows
  8. Last Chance Books
  9. Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet
  10. Fangirl
  11. Snow Like Ashes
  12. The Hawthorne Legacy
  13. To Hell with the Hustle
  14. Spin the Dawn
  15. Salt to the Sea
  16. A Cross-Country Christmas
  17. The Upside of Falling
  18. The Christmas Bookshop
  19. The Guest List
  20. The Lazy Genius Way
  21. The Library of Lost Things
  22. Live in Love

Stay tuned for more on each book here this week. :)



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